Who are we?

SystemSmiths was established in Cape Town during 2005 by Pete Smith, a Chartered Accountant (SA) with over thirty years experience in accounting and auditing, computer software design and programming, organisational systems and practice management, amongst others.

What do we do?

Years of experience in designing software and systems, observing how people interacted with them and getting to understand what worked and why, led to the desire to create niche management software solutions that sought to combine all the interactive elements in a way that was more likely to make a positive impact.

Many people would understand the motivation that comes from developing a solution or product that embodies your own creative ideas and is acknowledged by others for its quality and effect. The pursuit of these slippery fish is what gets the SystemSmiths people up in the morning, (or at least most mornings).

At present we describe ourselves as an 'emerging' company. A characteristic that often marks a potentially successful emerging business is epitomised by the famous Avis car hire tag line of 'We try harder', when they were number two to Hertz. So while Systemsmiths does not yet sport a well-known brand name, we are hungry to prove ourselves and would challenge you to try us and see if you don't get better value from us than our competition.