The complete management system for time-based professional services firms


The complete management system for time-based professional services firms

The complete management system for time-based professional services firms


PAXIS is a comprehensive administration system for accounting practices aimed at improving your PLAN … SCHEDULE … MEASURE cycle. It covers more aspects of practice management than any other single software package available.

PAXIS incorporates performance drivers and management controls. It’s not just a data gatherer.

PAXIS has a different approach to most other systems in that it is easy to use and consequently brings information for controls and decision making to management – where it belongs. It’s a web-based system available from anywhere at any time.

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Practice Planning

This is a management tool for high level financial planning. It involves capturing projected costs, chargeable hours and rates and desired returns. The module then produces a number of key performance targets for the achievement of the desired returns.


Professional practices are generally involved in client service projects or assignments.  These may range from small, short and simple assignments to ones extending over more than a year.

The costs on every assignment in PAXIS are automatically controlled by means of budgets.  In PAXIS budgets also play a key role in controlling employee productivity.


Scheduling automates client assignment planning and plots the employees selected for each assignment. It is also tightly integrated into the PAXIS system.

From an assignment budget, which will contain details of the employees planned time, options for the automatic plotting of their time on the Schedule make the task simple and easy.

Scheduling allows for two types of time bookings, definite and provisional.  The latter enables an assignment leader to provide for additional time where, for example, the duration or start or end dates of an assignment are uncertain.  To ensure that the Schedule is not cluttered with forgotten provisional time there are configurable options to provide assignment leaders with a series of reminders to confirm or delete their provisionally booked time before finally having the system cancelling provisional bookings.

The Scheduling module provides high level visual views of a firm’s time bookings to help identify under- and over-booked periods in their work cycles.

The Messaging facility (see below) also provides an easy form of communication amongst assignment leaders in their negotiations over team members and dates.

Time Recording & Billing System (TABS)

Key to any firm recovering all its time and disbursement costs is a reliable time recording and billing system.  PAXIS provides a well-integrated timesheet module that is linked to budgeting, monitors overdue submissions, provides for on-line authorisation of time (including a handy facility to transmit queries between superior and subordinate).  It also has a billing module that highlights and tracks cost under- or over-recoveries and provides for their allocation to assignment team members.  This information is useful for employee performance evaluations.


PAXIS includes a fully functional Debtors module with features such as default and individual interest on overdue balances settings, draft invoices and client group statements.


Managing a comprehensive budgeting, time, billing and scheduling package like PAXIS requires effective communication amongst all the employees involved, particularly those performing management functions.  Emails are often too cluttered for effective communication amongst busy professionals.  PAXIS has its own messaging system that is active whenever a user is logged into the system.  It is simple and convenient and has an option to also send a message out as an email.  It is used for automated system warnings (such as for the expiry of provisional time bookings) and particularly useful for assignment leaders resolving scheduling conflicts.

The PAXIS Reporting system is easy to use. Data is displayed on screen in a grid format which can be re-arranged, filtered, sorted, grouped, pivoted and exported without losing any formatting. Reports can be customised, saved and shared. The aim is to make data easily accessible and useful to the decision makers.


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